The Bronson Group, LLC. provides advisory services to improve the business results of its clients across all aspects of its operations.

In some cases, the group has provided provisional CEO tenure to lead a company while it changes its organizational structure.  In some assignments, the Group provides business advice while pursuing financing opportunity or a merger/sale arrangement for the client.  The Group’s capabilities are global in nature with support resources in Europe, Asia as well as China.

Examples of assignments and client services span across a broad range of services:

  • Assists the company in raising capital through debt or equity capital through its relationships with financial institutions
  • Enables companies seeking to “go public” to establish the appropriate governance requirements of regulatory authorities
  • Analyzes financial position to determine potential capacity for financing
  • Merger, acquisition, and sale
  • Rationalization of company’s portfolio of products and services
  • Establish financial models for performance measurement and monitoring
  • Establishment of key operating indicators to manage the business
  • Asset management techniques including inventory control
  • Intellectual property business strategy
  • Supplier chain management and qualification
  • Assists in providing appropriate governance requirements to enable the client to go public
  • Assists in providing potential qualified resources to fill in organizational gaps.

Our focus is in the following areas:

  • Semiconductor device manufacturers
  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturers
  • Complete semiconductor supply chain supporting entities
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Software
  • Display technologies
  • Engineering and construction
  • Intellectual property rationalization
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The Group has supported business clients on a global basis with extensive experience in China,  Asia Pacific, Japan and Europe while being based in the United States.

The Group actively works with its clients to provide solutions and assist as necessary working directly within its organization.    The approach is to work directly in real time with the organization to solve a business problem or improve the company’s business practices in real time to deliver results or eliminate problematical processes.  Although the Group is not an executive search firm, the group has access through industry affiliations to a number of potential qualified candidates throughout the supply chains for the industries we serve.


The Group also invests in a number of development stage enterprises primarily in the semiconductor and semiconductor supply chain industry.  Investments are focused on various hardware and software applications as well as areas such as advanced materials and cyber security.

Board of Director Experience

The Group has over 100 years of public company board experience and about 50 years of private company and advisory board experience.  The Group has been member of the West Coast Audit Committee Network and the Audit Committee  Policy Board of the National Association of Corporate Directors for the past 15 years.