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The Bronson Group, LLC. was formed in 2009 as a firm that would leverage the experience of the founder, Joseph R. Bronson, to provide financial and operating consulting services primarily for high technology companies.

The initial work focused on providing CEO expertise to a US subsidiary of a British aerospace and defense in the area of semiconductor device testing to its Aerospace and Defense customers. In the 2011 the firm migrating to supporting an investment bank in M&A and company sales activities resulting in a number of financial transactions. Throughout this period, the firm has been providing operational and financial support to a Chinese owned semiconductor equipment company based in Shanghai, China. That company went public on the Shanghai Star Market exchange in 2019 and support for this company continues today primarily in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

In 2019, Johannes Froehling became affiliated with the firm and supports and develops the European client base. The firm also has associates who provide expertise in areas that enable the client’s operations such as supply chain management/development, global support in Japan, Asia, Australia etc. The firm can also assist its clients in the selection of an investment bank in the event of a significantly large transaction where a full M&A process is required. This assistance enables the client to optimize fee structure and match the capabilities of a major bank with the needs of the client.